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Swinging Harmonica

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GARY M Harmonica

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- Corporate & White Table functions

- Receptions & Private Parties

- Recording & Session Work

- Film background music

- Solo Harmonica work in UK & Europe

- Band Work in UK & Europe

Gary M is available for a wide variety of Harmonica performances including:-

Welcome to the Harmonica world of Gary M. If you are a lover of Blues, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Boogie Woogie, Jazz and Swing then tune in and enjoy the unique Chromatic Harmonica sounds of Gary M.

As a solo performer he has played all over the world and supported many famous entertainers, as well as making appearances on both Radio and Television. His additional musical talent as a Boogie Woogie Piano Player has enabled Gary M to transform this vintage style of music to the Chromatic and Blues Harmonica, which when heard is ‘guaranteed to bring the house down’.

When performing as a solo artist Gary plays a vast repertoire of Jazz, Blues, Swing and Rock n Roll numbers and is accompanied by highly professional backing tracks recorded by live musicians. Gary also gives 45-60 minute Blues, Jazz and Swing Harmonica recitals which, alongside his phenomenal playing, incorporate a fascinating insight of the different types of harmonicas and some of the legendary names in this style of music. Recitals suit any occasion, and are particularly popular at White Table functions.

To Book Gary M : E-mail : Gary M Harmonica

Tuition by Gary M Chromatic Harmonica Tutor

- Want to learn how to play the Chromatic Harmonica?

- Always thought it was too difficult?

- Terrified of the button!?

- No teachers available in your area?

- Want to improve your playing?

Then you need look no further as Gary M’s Chromatic Harmonica Tutors and online tuition are here to get you playing and enjoying this fantastic instrument.


Gary offer’s a variety of electronically delivered options created to suit all budgets and learning preferences. All you need is an instrument, a device to access PDF, audio files, and of course your enthusiasm! Click here for full details ….

Gary M Harmonica Tutors REVIEWS …..

Lesson 1

Chromatic Harmonica Tutor

 “I certainly will purchase lesson 2 and 3 when they are available, I have just purchased a 12 hole chromatic, the music books available are beyond me and so daunting, whereas yours are written for fellas just like me. Keep up the good work.  Thank you”  

Mr  W,


Lessons 1 & 2

Chromatic Harmonica Tutors

“I have purchased Lessons 1 & 2 (books only) and see you are now doing audio to match which I would like to purchase.   Thanks very much Gary my playing is coming along quite well thanks to you. Thanks a million.”

Mr K, England

Lesson 1 &2 Chromatic Harmonica Tutors with MP3 Audio Tracks

“Thanks, All received and working. Excellent!”

Mr R, UK

What Suzuki Europe have to say about Gary M’s  Tutors  & accompanying Audio tracks

“The overall look and content of your tutorial books is excellent. Unique, well presented, logical and gives the student enough knowledge to push forward quickly, whilst gaining theory on the way. We at Suzuki like this type of teaching method because it keeps motivation high, which allows the student to develop fast!”

“I have listened to the audio and they sound good to me! I think your voice is authoritative, friendly and well paced (giving people enough time to pause where needed). I think you have a good 'radio' voice actually!  Nice sense of humour mixed in.”

Suzuki Europe

Tuition by Gary M Chromatic Harmonica Tutor

It is important to have the right chromatic harmonica that will suit you as a player and of course your budget.  The longest established and leading harmonica manufacturers are Hohner, Seydel, and Suzuki, with some new companies emerging to the market.  Gary M is therefore pleased to recommend Harmonicas Direct a UK based online supplier with an extensive range of harmonicas from all the major manufacturers at prices to suit all budgets and playing ability.  

Website: Telephone :+44 (0)1524 49589 - Email